Are you a fan of American football and wondering how long the NFL season lasts?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: the NFL season lasts for 17 weeks.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the structure of the NFL season and explore some interesting facts about it.

The Regular Season

The NFL regular season typically lasts for 17 weeks, starting in September and ending in December. During this time, each team plays a total of 16 games, with one bye week, where they don’t play any games.

So, how do teams qualify for the playoffs? The top six teams from each conference (AFC and NFC) make it to the playoffs, with the top four teams being division winners and the remaining two being wild-card teams. The playoffs begin in January and are a single-elimination tournament that culminates in the Super Bowl, which is played on the first Sunday of February.

What happens during the bye week? Teams use this time to rest, recover, and prepare for their upcoming games. Players get a chance to heal from any injuries, and coaches spend time reviewing game tape and coming up with new strategies. It’s also an opportunity for players to spend some time with their families and take a mental break from the grueling NFL season.

One interesting fact about the NFL regular season is that not all teams play the same opponents. Each team’s schedule is determined by a formula that takes into account their division, other divisions within their conference, and inter-conference matchups. This ensures that every team has a unique schedule that is as fair as possible.


The NFL playoffs consist of 12 teams, with six teams from each conference, the AFC and the NFC. The top four teams from each conference qualify for the playoffs, with the top two teams receiving a bye in the first week. The remaining teams compete in the wild card round, with the winners advancing to the divisional round. The winners of the divisional round then compete in the conference championships, with the winners advancing to the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the championship game of the NFL, played annually on the first Sunday in February. The game is a culmination of the NFL playoffs and is considered one of the biggest events in American sports. The Super Bowl is watched by millions of people around the world and features the best teams from the AFC and NFC.

After the Super Bowl, the NFL season officially comes to an end and teams begin preparing for the upcoming season. This includes the NFL draft, where teams select new players to join their rosters, as well as free agency, where teams can sign players who are not currently under contract with another team. The offseason is a crucial time for teams to evaluate their rosters and make changes to improve their chances of success in the following season.

Interesting Facts

  • The Pro Bowl:
  • The Pro Bowl is the NFL’s all-star game that takes place after the regular season ends and before the Super Bowl. It features the best players from the AFC and NFC and is played in a different location each year. The game has been played since 1951 and is one of the most-watched events in the NFL calendar. The Pro Bowl is a chance for fans to see their favorite players compete against each other in a relaxed, fun environment.

  • Thanksgiving Day Games:
  • Thanksgiving Day football games have been a tradition in the United States for over 100 years. The NFL began playing games on Thanksgiving Day in 1920, and the tradition continues to this day. The Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys have become synonymous with Thanksgiving Day football, and they both host a game each year. In recent years, a third game has been added to the schedule, which features different teams each year. Thanksgiving Day games are a great way for families to come together and enjoy some football while they celebrate the holiday.

  • International Series:
  • The NFL has been playing games in London since 2007 as part of their International Series. The games are played at Wembley Stadium and have become increasingly popular with fans in the UK. In recent years, the NFL has expanded the International Series to include games in Mexico City and Canada. These games are a great way for the NFL to expand its global audience and bring American football to new fans around the world.


In summary, the NFL season lasts for 17 weeks, with a total of 256 regular season games and 13 playoff games.

The season is structured to determine the best team in the league and culminates with the Super Bowl, one of the most-watched sporting events in the world.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting to follow the sport, the NFL season offers excitement and entertainment for all.

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