At LifeAnswersHQ, our purpose is to provide a judgment-free space for anyone facing life’s difficult questions and situations. We believe that with compassion and shared experiences, we can support each other in developing the understanding and wisdom needed to navigate life’s complex journey.

Founded in 2023 by Jane Smith, LifeAnswersHQ started as a small support community. As a licensed therapist with over 10 years of experience, Jane recognized a need for easily accessible, empathetic life advice online. She created LifeAnswersHQ to be a place where people can get answers to life’s toughest questions from experts and an understanding community based on shared experiences.

Jane Smith

Jane leads a team of life advisors, all with deep expertise developed through firsthand life experiences, professional training, and an ability to genuinely empathize. The goal is to thoughtfully answer questions, offer insights, and provide a sounding board during life’s challenging crossroads or periods of feeling lost.

No issue is too big or too small. Over the years, our team has tackled questions covering all facets of life including:

  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • Love & relationships
  • Workplace issues & career
  • Identity & meaning
  • Growth mindset & goals
  • Life skills & development
  • Health, habits & transitions

The LifeAnswersHQ Community

What makes LifeAnswersHQ so powerful is the community behind it. Our active forums and discuss areas allow members to connect over shared experiences, provide support and gain wisdom from each other’s life journeys.

It’s a judgment-free space fueled by compassion – where difficult experiences or challenging questions bring understanding that helps us all better navigate life’s complexity.

Jane Smith and the LifeAnswersHQ promise to uphold principles of privacy, thoughtful perspective and actionable advice. We’re in this together!