Are you a fan of Pokemon Moon? Do you find yourself wondering just how many Pokemon are included in the game? Well, wonder no more!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Pokemon Moon features a total of 802 Pokemon.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Pokemon included in Pokemon Moon, including how many there are, what new Pokemon were added, and more.

How Many Pokemon are in Pokemon Moon?

Pokemon Moon is the seventh generation of the Pokemon franchise and was released in November 2016. This game is set in the Alola region, which is inspired by Hawaii and has a unique set of Pokemon compared to other regions. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of how many Pokemon are in Pokemon Moon.

The Total Number of Pokemon

There are a total of 802 Pokemon in the franchise, but not all of them are available in Pokemon Moon. In this game, there are 301 Pokemon available to catch, which includes some from previous generations. This number includes the standard Pokemon, as well as new ones added to this game.

New Pokemon Added to Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon introduced 81 new Pokemon, which includes 18 Ultra Beasts, mythical Pokemon, and Alolan variants of existing Pokemon. Alolan variants are unique to the Alola region and have different types and appearances compared to their original form. For example, the Alolan version of Raichu is an Electric/Psychic type compared to the original Raichu, which is an Electric type only.

Some of the new Pokemon added to Pokemon Moon include:

  • Rowlet (Grass/Flying)
  • Litten (Fire)
  • Popplio (Water)
  • Pikipek (Normal/Flying)
  • Grubbin (Bug)

Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Moon

There are 12 legendary Pokemon available to catch in Pokemon Moon. Legendary Pokemon are rare and powerful, and some of them have unique abilities and moves. The legendary Pokemon available in Pokemon Moon are:

Pokemon Type
Solgaleo Psychic/Steel
Lunala Psychic/Ghost
Magearna Steel/Fairy
Necrozma Psychic
Tapu Koko Electric/Fairy
Tapu Lele Psychic/Fairy
Tapu Bulu Grass/Fairy
Tapu Fini Water/Fairy
Cosmog Psychic
Cosmoem Psychic
Mewtwo Psychic
Ho-Oh Fire/Flying

If you are a Pokemon fan and have not played Pokemon Moon, we highly recommend giving it a try. With a unique set of Pokemon and a captivating storyline, it is a game you will not regret playing.

The Total Number of Pokemon

When it comes to catching them all in Pokemon Moon, it’s important to know just how many Pokemon are available in the game. In total, there are 81 new Pokemon introduced in the seventh generation, bringing the total number of Pokemon to 807 across all generations.

Pokemon from Previous Generations

If you’re a long-time Pokemon fan, you’ll be happy to know that many old favorites make an appearance in Pokemon Moon. In fact, 302 Pokemon from previous generations can be caught in the game, ranging from Bulbasaur to Mewtwo. This means that over a third of all Pokemon are available in Pokemon Moon!

It’s worth noting that some Pokemon can only be caught through special events or by transferring them from previous games using the Pokemon Bank app. So if you’re looking to catch ’em all, you may need to do some extra legwork.

Alolan Forms

One of the new features introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon is Alolan Forms. These are special versions of existing Pokemon that have adapted to the unique environment of the Alola region. In Pokemon Moon, there are 18 Alolan Forms to discover, including Alolan Meowth and Alolan Sandshrew.

These Alolan Forms not only have different appearances, but also different types and abilities than their original counterparts. So even if you’ve caught a certain Pokemon before, it’s worth checking out its Alolan Form to see what new tricks it can bring to the table.

Ultra Beasts

Finally, there are the mysterious Ultra Beasts. These powerful Pokemon-like creatures are unlike anything seen before in the world of Pokemon. In Pokemon Moon, there are five Ultra Beasts to discover and catch, each with its own unique abilities and strengths.

Ultra Beasts are notoriously difficult to catch, so make sure you come prepared with a strong team and plenty of Poke Balls. And even if you do manage to catch them all, there’s still plenty of post-game content to enjoy in Pokemon Moon!

New Pokemon Added to Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon has a total of 81 new Pokemon that were not found in previous versions of the game. These new Pokemon are divided into several categories, including the Starter Pokemon and Other New Pokemon.

The Starter Pokemon

The Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Moon are Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. Rowlet is a Grass/Flying-type Pokemon that resembles an owl. Litten is a Fire-type Pokemon that looks like a black and red kitten. Popplio is a Water-type Pokemon that resembles a sea lion.

Each of these Starter Pokemon has its own unique abilities and moves, making them a valuable addition to your Pokemon team.

Other New Pokemon

Aside from the Starter Pokemon, there are 78 other new Pokemon in Pokemon Moon. Some of the most popular new Pokemon include Mimikyu, Bewear, and Salazzle.

  • Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-type Pokemon that wears a disguise to look like Pikachu.
  • Bewear is a Normal/Fighting-type Pokemon that resembles a large, cuddly teddy bear.
  • Salazzle is a Poison/Fire-type Pokemon that resembles a lizard with flames on its head and tail.

There are also several new Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Moon, including Buzzwole, Pheromosa, and Xurkitree. These powerful Pokemon are difficult to catch but have impressive stats and abilities.

Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon features several legendary Pokemon that players can encounter and capture throughout their journey. These Pokemon are rare and powerful, making them highly sought after by trainers. Here are some of the legendary Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Moon:

  • Cosmog and Cosmoem: These two Pokemon are unique in that they are not classified as legendary Pokemon, but they are still very rare. Cosmog is a psychic-type Pokemon that evolves into Cosmoem, which then evolves into either Solgaleo or Lunala.
  • Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini: These four Pokemon are known as the guardian deities of the Alola region. They each have a unique typing and special ability, making them formidable opponents in battle.
  • Necrozma: Necrozma is a legendary Pokemon that is associated with light. It has a unique ability that allows it to absorb the power of other Pokemon, making it even stronger in battle.
  • Solgaleo and Lunala: These two Pokemon are the cover stars of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, respectively. Solgaleo is a psychic/steel-type Pokemon, while Lunala is a psychic/ghost-type Pokemon. Both are incredibly powerful and have unique abilities that make them invaluable additions to any trainer’s team.

Each of these legendary Pokemon has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to understand their typings and abilities before attempting to catch them. Additionally, some of these Pokemon can only be obtained through special events or by completing certain quests, so players will need to be diligent in their search for these elusive creatures.


In conclusion, Pokemon Moon features a total of 802 Pokemon, including new additions like Alolan Forms and Ultra Beasts, as well as legendary Pokemon like Solgaleo and Lunala. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series, or just getting started, there’s plenty to discover in the world of Pokemon Moon.

We hope this guide has been helpful in answering your questions about how many Pokemon are in Pokemon Moon. Happy hunting!

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