Disney World is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year.

But have you ever wondered how many people it takes to keep the magic alive at this iconic theme park?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: according to recent estimates, there are over 75,000 people who work at Disney World, making it one of the largest employers in the United States.

In this article, we’ll explore the various roles that keep Disney World running smoothly, from cast members and Imagineers to engineers and executives.

Cast Members: The Face of Disney World

When you visit Disney World, the first people you see are the cast members. They are the ones who make the magic happen and bring the Disney experience to life. But who are they exactly?

What Are Cast Members?

Cast members are the employees of Disney World who work in various roles to ensure that guests have a memorable experience. They can be found in attractions, restaurants, hotels, and all other areas of the park. They are trained to provide exceptional customer service and create a magical environment for guests.

What Do Cast Members Do?

Cast members have a variety of roles at Disney World. Some work as ride operators, while others are performers in shows or parades. Some work in restaurants or hotels, while others are responsible for maintaining the park’s cleanliness. They all work together to ensure that guests have the best experience possible.

How Many Cast Members Are There?

As of 2021, there are approximately 77,000 cast members at Disney World. This includes full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees. The number can vary depending on the time of year and the needs of the park.

How Do You Become a Cast Member?

If you’re interested in becoming a cast member, you can apply online through the Disney Careers website. The application process includes submitting a resume and completing an online assessment. If you’re selected for an interview, you’ll go through a series of interviews and training before starting your role.

Becoming a cast member is a unique opportunity to be a part of the magic of Disney World and create unforgettable memories for guests.

Behind the Scenes: The Support Staff

When you think of Disney World, you probably think of the rides, characters, and entertainment. However, behind the scenes, there are thousands of employees working to make the magic happen. In this article, we will take a look at some of the support staff who keep the park running smoothly.

Imagineers: The Creative Minds Behind the Magic

The Imagineers are the creative minds behind the attractions, shows, and experiences that make Disney World so special. They are responsible for everything from designing new rides to creating costumes for the characters. Imagineers come from a variety of backgrounds, including engineering, architecture, and art. They work closely with other departments to ensure that each attraction is safe, entertaining, and true to the Disney brand.

Engineering and Maintenance: Keeping the Park Running

Engineering and Maintenance may not be the most glamorous job at Disney World, but it is certainly one of the most important. These employees are responsible for keeping the rides and attractions running smoothly, as well as maintaining the buildings, landscaping, and infrastructure. They work around the clock to ensure that everything is in top condition for guests.

Food and Beverage: Feeding the Masses

With over 20 million visitors per year, Disney World serves a lot of food. The Food and Beverage department is responsible for feeding the masses, from quick snacks to full-service meals. They work in a variety of roles, including chefs, servers, and cashiers. The food at Disney World is known for being high-quality and delicious, and this is due in large part to the hard work of the Food and Beverage staff.

Retail and Merchandise: The Business of Disney

Disney World is not just a theme park – it is also a business. The Retail and Merchandise department is responsible for selling all of the souvenirs, gifts, and merchandise that guests love to take home with them. From plush toys to t-shirts, the Retail and Merchandise staff work hard to ensure that there is something for everyone. They are also responsible for managing inventory and ensuring that the shops are always stocked with the latest and greatest Disney merchandise.

As you can see, there are many different departments and job roles that make up the support staff at Disney World. Without these employees, the park would not be able to function. So the next time you visit Disney World, take a moment to appreciate all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes!

Leadership and Management: Running the Show

Disney World is a massive operation, and it takes a lot of people to keep it running smoothly. From the top executives to the front-line workers, everyone has a role to play. Let’s take a closer look at the key players in the leadership and management of Disney World.

Executive Leadership: Making the Big Decisions

The top executives at Disney World are responsible for making the big decisions that keep the park running. They set the overall strategy and direction for the company and ensure that all departments are working together effectively. One of the most important roles of the executive team is to manage the financials of the park, making sure that the budget is balanced and that revenue targets are being met.

For example, in 2020, Disney World had to make some tough decisions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They had to close the park for several months and furlough thousands of employees. The executive team had to navigate these difficult times while still keeping the park financially solvent.

Human Resources: Managing the Workforce

Disney World employs over 77,000 people, making it one of the largest employers in the United States. The human resources department is responsible for managing this massive workforce. They handle everything from hiring and firing to scheduling and payroll. They also ensure that all employees are following the park’s policies and procedures.

In recent years, Disney World has come under fire for its treatment of employees. Some have accused the park of not paying workers a living wage or providing adequate benefits. However, Disney has taken steps to address these concerns. In 2018, they announced that they would be raising the minimum wage for employees to $15 an hour by 2021.

Training and Development: Ensuring Quality and Consistency

One of the keys to Disney World’s success is the quality and consistency of their customer service. To ensure that all employees are providing the same level of service, the park has a comprehensive training and development program. New employees go through an extensive onboarding process that includes classroom training, on-the-job training, and mentorship.

Even after employees are fully trained, they continue to receive ongoing development opportunities. For example, Disney World has a program called “Disney Institute” that offers leadership and management training to employees at all levels. This ensures that everyone is working together to provide the best possible experience for guests.


Disney World is a massive operation that requires a lot of people to keep it running. The executive leadership team sets the overall strategy and manages the finances, while the human resources department manages the massive workforce. The training and development program ensures that all employees are providing quality and consistent customer service. Together, these departments work to make Disney World one of the most magical places on earth.


Disney World is more than just a theme park – it’s a massive operation that employs tens of thousands of people in a variety of roles.

From the smiling faces of cast members to the behind-the-scenes work of engineers and executives, every person who works at Disney World plays a crucial role in creating the magic that millions of visitors experience every year.

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of just how many people it takes to keep Disney World running smoothly, and the important work that they do every day.

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